Louisville, KY
Salary: $80,000.00 to $90,000.00 /year

  • Deploy BigFix agents on all applicable endpoints in the customer’s environment, as authorized and instructed by the customer
  • Administer BigFix by performing necessary patching, user group maintenance, security scans, and performance monitoring
  • Monitor IBM BigFix Security Center
  • The administrators will perform these actions via IBM BigFix Endpoint Manager to ensure assets are compliant with the customer’s desired state •
  • Maintain the SOPs as ‘living documents’ throughout the term of the Request for Service (RFS), tailoring the procedures to evolve with the maturity of the CDM solution at the
  • Supply relevant updates and input to other CDM artifacts, transition documentation, communicating with the overall Enterprise Asset Management
  • Orchestrate and coordinate work activities utilizing the TFS system and communicate any escalated issues to the help desk


  • Extensive customized configuration using Power Shell and advanced Group Policy Administration.

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