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ESI Corporate Experience and BridgeBuilder™
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Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (“ESI”), a highly successful multi-disciplinary management and consulting firm, is a leader in driving people, policies, and processes to maximum performance. ESI, founded in 1996 and rankedin the top 30% of Inc. Magazine 2010

LGartner Business Process Managementist of 5000 America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies, partners with government and business to bridge operational challenges, helping our clients advance from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow. Through ESI’s service offerings, our clients have been recognized for optimization of their strategic goals and their alignment with the needs of the constituents that they serve.

ESI is your BRIDGE to a Smart City

ESI understands that technology is the backbone of any successful organization. Technology plays an important role in streamlining and automating processes in order to increase productivity and efficiency. Many cities and municipalities have SmartCityRev1taken advantage of cutting edge technology to help them work smarter and faster. While some cities currently thrive through sophisticated Information Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure, many others are bottlenecked by outdated and obsolete ICT. Over the last eight years, ESI has been assisting counties, cities, and municipalities transform their infrastructure to achieve maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness through innovative solutions that provide strong ICT and Social Infrastructure. ESI has developed and implemented leading edge cloud-based solutions that support the Smart City model of transforming cities into sustainable and livable cities. ESI has the knowledge, capabilities, and proven records of success to transform your city into a Smart City. ESI bridges the gaps between Smart Cities and Smart Citizens.

Past Successes and Accomplishments

Notable accomplishments of ESI include the design and implementation of a Municipal Shared Services Cloud (MuniCloud) for Fairfax County, VA. MuniCloud is a private cloud service offering that addresses the unique needs of local municipalitieScreen Shot 2014-11-14 at 1.24.44 PMs and has standardized the enterprise of Fairfax County. MuniCloud penetrated barriers among different silos achieving a standardized set of workflows and processes, which simplified management, eliminated performance barriers, optimized Fairfax County’s overall operations, and saved Millions of Dollars for Fairfax County. With ESI’s support, Fairfax County recently won 3rd place in the Digital Counties Survey given by the Center for Digital Government again 2014! Fairfax County has been honored being in the Top Ten for the past twelve years, Top Five in eleven of those years, and Number 1 three times.

Another notable accomplishment of ESI is supporting GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS), which was honored by the Gartner Group as one of the three winners of its Inaugural Gartner BPM Excellence Awards on October 6, 2009 at The Gartner BPM Summit 2009 in Orlando, Florida for its innovative BPM practices. FAS, with support from ESI as a prime contractor, have clearly demonstrated its expertise and success in exercising solid BPM practices supporting various GSA-FAS initiatives.

ESI has provided best-value and performance-based services to government and commercial organizations to transform and improve their business processes; formulate and implement internal control measures; adopt and use leading edge and/or next generation technologies; and, provide on-site program support and Information Technology (IT) support services.   Major focus areas of ESI include:

  • Strategic Planning and Program Development
  • ERP Implementation and Support
  • Information Technology Support
  • Business Process Management System (BPMS) Implementation
  • Business Process Transformation / Lean Six Sigma
  • Enterprise Performance Management Improvement
  • Financial and Accounting Management
  • Management, Accountability, Internal Control, and Compliancy
  • Risk Management
  • Acquisition Process Improvement
  • Knowledge Management
  • Communications / Outreach / Training

Our mission is to be the preeminent leader and preferred partner for government and business in helping them achieve peak effectiveness through best practices and best value management, communications, and IT solutions.